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  Hey driver,  Entering the truck transportation business for the first time as a new owner/operator trucker without having a well thought out businesses plan is exposing yourself to little more than a risky CRAP*SHOOT !

Are you seriously considering this line of work?

Well you'll need all the help you can obtain as you prepare a proper plan of action. There are several professional truckers involved with this web site. There also are a few freight agents and attorneys here to help. They would all like everyone who is interested in ownership to become a successful small business person but that totally depends on you. The trucking industry is very unforgiving. If you don't collect enough for your trucking services because you don't have a clue how much your operating expenses are you're headed for disaster. A fatal mistake many out here make on a daily basis is not knowing what the fixed cost are. The majority don't realize this until they find them-self in bankruptcy court. The highway is littered with the best of intentions but without showing a profitable bottom line you won't last long driver.

One of the original goals of this web site was to organize truckers while sharing the experience of those who have had many hard years out here hopefully saving a few new drivers from making repetitive major mistakes. The extreme headaches we have all endured over the years while learning the trade didn't come easy. Why re-invent the wheel driver if you can learn from those who have been in your shoes from day one.

In the meantime please don't give away your trucking services by working cheap. It doesn't do any of us any good so let's use this site to share helpful info in a professional group effort to make America's transportation freight system work a lot better for all of us.

The goal of our website is to make sure every trucker has the facts to use in making a decent living from operating their own truck . Why give away your labor for FREE or discount your freight services so that Wall Street can increase their profit margin in 2014? The bottom line is maintaining a profitable operation for everybody involved in this business not just a select few...   


On July 8th the Teamsters held another port trucker rally outside Savannah,Ga port terminals demanding that the GA port and trucking companies recognize independent contractor (owner-operator) truckers as employees. Again there was a very limited amount of driver support for this newest in a series of Teamster efforts to try reach out to Savannah area truckers. With the current driver pool of approximately eleven thousand truckers who service the port on a weekly basis only around a dozen or so showed up for this Teamster event. A few drivers were seen holding signs that read "we are employees". It appears the Atlanta local 728 that created the "Stand-up-Savannah" facebook page and website is having a difficult time convincing Savannah truckers that they should give up their right as an entrepreneurship trucker to become company employees of motor carriers in the coastal empire. The roadside crowd this time was noticeably smaller than at the last Teamsters event a few months back. It appears that the Savannah Teamsters port driver organizing outreach effort may be in serious trouble because area drivers are seemingly not interested in what the Teamsters are attempting to do. Many truckers here don't see the real issues being addressed by the Teamsters that effect them daily and see this Teamster campaign as a wast of their rime. According to several drivers who attended Teamster functions in the past they say the new Teamster agenda is headed in the wrong direction. They claim the Teamsters are not helping the owner-operator trucker with any of the basic issues truckers face at the Georgia ports. Savannah, GA is the fourth largest seaport in the nation so this makes it an extremely important prize the Teamsters feel they must concentrate their port driver campaign on to totally succeed in their nationwide organizing campaign .



        Virginia truckers need stability in rates. Join the movement.

Truckers are aggravated with current working conditions at the Virginia port terminals. Another local Tidewater driver meeting soon will be held with the latest up to date information. Virginia truckers are working toward organizing owner/operators as well as company drivers at the ports of Hampton Roads. Working together as part of a group is the only sensible solution to accomplishing any long term goal that will achieve justice for truckers at all Virginia Marine Terminals. Don't miss the next driver meeting at the local Iron Workers Hall in Norfolk.

                       NEXT VIRGINIA TRUCKER MEETING

to be announced

                        LOCATION: IRON WORKERS HALL
                        5307 EAST VIRGINIA BEACH BLVD.
                        NORFOLK 23502

If you are a trucker who hauls out of the Virginia's ports or the surrounding area please make plans to attend the next trucker meeting.

Truckers who maintain this site operate on a weekly basis out of the ports of Miami, Florida - Savannah, Georgia - Charleston, South Carolina - Hampton Roads Virginia, and Baltimore, MD.

  We wish to welcome our trucker friends from New York - New Jersey who haul the ocean cargo!